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How to avoid trouble changing address?

Lots of agreements signed at work, bank and other usual locations contain a condition to notify counterparty about the change of address. From the one side this for hedging the risk of bad debt, but from the other side lost notifications and alerts can play a bad joke to moved person. Change of address checklist […]


Expectation VS Reality: can they be equal?

Thoughts about starting a new life, with new job at a new beautiful place had come to every 2d person. Sometimes it ends by the decision to relocate to another state that was recommended by fellows or discovered by TV. Actually, dreaming about fateful changes can be much more pleasant than the result, although understanding […]


Stress-free relocation: what is obligatory to be done?

Talking about relocation most people are used to imagine a cargo van with the staff transporting to a new living place. But except the belongings moving there are lots of thing being considered to avoid mess. So what should be done, when moving is coming? Planning and preparation Identify dates, when the new place will […]

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How Big Data Analytics Can Help In Developing Leadership

In the USA alone, businesses are spending from $20 to 50 billion on leadership training. The amount of money invested can naturally create an assumption that America’s leadership state should be thriving; however, a different story is told by an Accenture’ survey. It says that only 8 out of all executives felt that their companies […]


How Online Surveys Can Help Boost Your Marketing Campaign

The goal of any successful business is to create sound marketing campaigns that drum up new sales from potential clients and customers. In order to generate sales and leads, you need to be proactive in offering your customer base what they desire, and you need to deliver on your promises. Marketing is all about people […]